Paricutin, a Cornfield on Fire

Paricutin, ein Maisfeld in Flammen

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For Dionisio Pulido, 20 February 1943 began as a day like any other. The farmer from the small town of Paricutín in western Mexico worked in his cornfield. But suddenly he heard a loud noise….

Für Dionisio Pulido begann der 20. Februar 1943 als ein Tag wie jeder andere. Der Bauer aus dem kleinen Ort Paricutín im Westen Mexikos arbeitete auf seinem Maisfeld. Doch plötzlich hörte er ein lautes Geräusch.

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      • beautiful! looks a bit lowpoly, but obviously it took a renderfarm or weeks to get the image sequence. you might like to see the real-time EEVEE ‚rendering‘ in blender with global illumination that makes it industry leader and cutting edge while being FOSS. since you already have C4D experience it will be easy to switch, but your efficiency will increase and license costs drop dramatically.

        ps: the video only works at YT.

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