Guide for Religion Founders (3)

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Hello, dear people,
I want to be honest with you.

It was a joke. First, at the beginning. The Guide for Religion Founders . It was just there to show you how to start a religion and what it takes to do something like that.
The Church of the Blinking Fireflies on the evening summer meadow.
I just wanted to show you how this works.

Fun turned serious. Now I think the idea is so beautiful that it inspires me more and more. It is clearly and without a doubt the most beautiful religion in the world.

Of course, starting a religion is not for everyone. There are already so many. In principle, you only have to choose one. I just wanted to show you how to do it theoretically. You don’t have to believe in it. It’s just supposed to work.

There are already pure fun religions, for example: The flying spaghetti monster. It was created just to show how crazy people can be. The name alone shows that people make fun of the other religions.

In the beginning it was the same for me.

But something has changed. Of course I had to write something: The 10 Commandments for example. The First Commandment: Don’t be an idiot . Everything that needs to be said about a religion is told in this 1st. commandment.

But it goes on. Where is the difference to the other religions and above all, why aren’t they flying spaghetti monster?

And so I wrote down what was good. Be a good person. Evil doesn’t exist. It’s only the absence of good.
Suddenly I got into the psychological- philosophical direction. Questions arose that of course had to be answered:

  • What, then, is good? Evil is the absence of good.
  • What is life? We are the only ones, in the radius of 9 quadrillion kilometers.
  • In what do you differ from an idiot? It’s what concerns you the most.
  • What is happiness? There is a false happiness and there is an inner happiness. Both are different.
  • What is love? If you do not love yourself, how can you love others?
  • What does it mean to break away from compulsion? The basis of every conflict is compulsion.
  • What are you doing with your memories? What has happened is in the past. So why still be offended?

All questions that were waiting for an answer, of course. I started doing this, so I had to keep doing it. Questions need answers. So I did that. After all, I wanted to start a religion.

Yeah, right. Religions do that. They give answers to questions. They give people a direction. The Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t do that, it’s not supposed to. It’s just silly. It doesn’t have the depth to give answers, and it doesn’t have the ambition. But I didn’t want to make it that easy for myself.

And quite honestly, neither do the other religions. They don’t give answers. They only give instructions. People are kept stupid in the religions so that they obey without asking.

So I set about the task of asking questions and providing answers. It was all just theory: What do the blinking fireflies on the evening summer meadow have to do with it?

yes, good, they blink.

You can also blink, not really, not really light up, but symbolically. you can shine inside. Think yourself bright.

Be a blink . The idea was beautiful. Yes, religion has a function. The thought was enchanting and attractive.

It wasn’t about convincing people or converting them. no Everyone should keep control over themselves. People should determine how far they allow themselves.

Any belief in a god or in heavenly beings is deliberately renounced. These are not necessary at all to practice a religion. You don’t need anyone to write down your sins. You can free yourself from this thought. Or not. You can believe in it too. It doesn’t matter.

A scale of spirituality was created. The followers could decide for themselves how far they want to get involved in their spirituality. If they think it’s nice, then they should do it. You can say: I am a Blink, level 1 or I’m a Blink in level 5. There is no rating. Everyone determines it for themselves.

The church of blinking fireflies in the evening summer meadow. I realized for myself that this is a wonderful thought, and has great depth.

This thought covers a deep understanding into one’s life, into one’s consciousness. This is a real religion: to learn and grow in consciousness. The attentiveness to oneself and to one’s environment. The fireflies are blinking. And they blink for you. But only if you allow this for yourself, and if this is OK for you.

Other religions take this decision away from you. They give you a crutch to live on that you can lean on. When you lean on a religion, you lack your own backbone. You lack the consciousness. It is outsourced to another controlling being, to another consciousness.

That is not you. You are not yourself, but you are represented by God, or by Jesus, or Allah, or whoever. It is not you, but another one, religions are crutches.

It’s about knowing yourself, and your own life, and supporting yourself. It’s about having your own backbone. Questions arise, looking for answers. The answer is always: And who are you?

It started out as fun, but it got serious. It got deep and it got honest. Think yourself bright. This is both an important task and a direction to align one’s life.

It was fun, but it just kept getting more beautiful, enchantingly beautiful. And what can I say: It works. If you feel like it, feel into this thought as well. You decide and you are in control.

Become a Blink.

Read more and feel into The Church of Blink.

and in any case tell me what you think about it

Greetings from Martin

Go to the two start versions. Handbook for Religion Founders part 1 and 2

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