Tutorial for Machos

Anleitung für Machos

OK, dear macho man,

yes, we need to talk about a specific problem.
It isn’t really a small problem, even if it looks like one at first.
This problem, as soon as you have discovered it, determines the rest of your life.
We want to talk about how you can best deal with it. And above all, how others should deal with it.

I think I have to look at it all a little psychologically first.


Gelotophobia: The fear of being laughed at

If you stand in front of your mirror and look at yourself, then, yes well, you will realize: You are not perfect. It could be better. But it isn’t.

But you are not the only one. Other people are not perfect either. Nobody is. Not a single person in the world is perfect.

Perfection is only an outward appearance that doesn’t apply anywhere.

The question is not whether you are perfect or not, but: What you make of it.

Even the one who laughs at you is not perfect. And on top of that: The one who laughs at you is additionally stupid. So what do you care?

Inferiority complex

The real problem is not in your pants, but in your head. It is not the fact that you are inferior, but you think that you are. A big difference. Because you are not. You are not inferior.

You don’t have to show others that you are something you are not. Because that’s what makes everything worse. You will be caught pretending to be great.

And then you will be laughed at. Not because you are imperfect, but because you pretend to be great.

The Self- Esteem

OK, dear macho, there are two possibilities to brag:

  1. you brag because you can

2. you brag even though you can’t

In both cases, it shows one thing, your low self-esteem. You need to brag to generate attention. It’s still about the length of your problem and the fear of getting caught. (see above)

Horse Power

So now it’s about compensating for your low self-esteem by having to show something you’re not in reality, for fear of being caught and laughed at. And it goes like this:

You always need a car with so much horsepower that the centimeters of your problem can be compensated inversely proportional.

The formula is: HP = 2500 / Pe
Pe is the length of your problem P in state e.
You can read the results directly here. Please get a small ruler:
Here you can read directly how much HP your car must have to compensate Pe.

Pe in cmPe in InchPS/HP
20,00 cm7,87 Inch130 PS
19,00 cm7,48 Inch130 PS
18,00 cm7,09 Inch140 PS
17,00 cm6,69 Inch150 PS
16,00 cm6,30 Inch160 PS
15,00 cm5,91 Inch170 PS
14,00 cm5,51 Inch180 PS
13,00 cm5,12 Inch190 PS
12,00 cm4,72 Inch210 PS
11,00 cm4,33 Inch230 PS
10,00 cm3,94 Inch250 PS
9,00 cm3,54 Inch280 PS
8,00 cm3,15 Inch310 PS
7,00 cm2,76 Inch360 PS
6,00 cm2,36 Inch420 PS
5,00 cm1,97 Inch500 PS

For example: The drivers of these vehicles have a Pe measure of over 20 cm (7,87 Inch)

And this driver of this vehicle has a Pe measure of less than 5 cm (1,97 Inch)

And now you can read exactly how much horsepower your car must have. You just have to measure it on your pe measure.

The women of your dreams

First of all, you can completely forget about one thing:

Never, never in your life, no way, will you ever get a woman if you don’t have at least 500 horsepower under your hood. Forget it. Once and for all.

And in reality, you don’t want it either, you are afraid of it. Because imagine she measures and catches you bragging and then she laughs at you.

There is perhaps another variant, that you drive an electric car to show that you care about the environment of nature and climate protection. You could possibly score points with some women. But you can’t keep up this line of argument for too long. You will be caught and laughed at again.

The compulsion

So, dear macho, you find yourself in quite a predicament.

You always have to maintain your own image of perfection. You can’t keep it up for too long. You are always and constantly caught putting on a show and not reality.

Your colleagues at work, your friends, your family, and your tax office: all will realize very soon that you are a fake of your own.

You can’t keep this image up for long.

And what do you do? You exert compulsion. You force yourself and you force other people. Everyone has long since noticed who you really are. But you still force them.

You impose your will on them, you exert power on them, you exert authority. The last remnant of what remains in your self-esteem is that you can still exert force on other people. And they suffer from it.

Living with a macho

Living with a macho

Here I am specifically addressing all women who have had the experience of living with a macho man, or who are in the process of falling in love with one.

Just do a little test. He won’t notice, but you will:

Watch for an occasion when he might need to apologize. Maybe just say the words, „Please forgive me. I’ve been an idiot. I’m sorry.“

If he can’t, if he can’t apologize, leave him. Immediately. Without compromise.

He will never change anyway. He will force you, he will constantly lie to you about how great he is. He will constantly hold up an image of himself to you that he will never fulfill.

Leave him, as soon as possible.

Remember this

To rinse is for wimps.

I just love the smell of washing up liquid

An iron is for wimps too.

My iron needs at least 17 kilowatts of power

You may call me Elvis.

Elvis the vacuum cleaner

It’s not about rotations.

This is about the acceleration of elementary particles and about fundamental laws of the universe.


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